Renew Wellness - The Center for Emotional and Physical Health
Mission Statement
To guide individuals in discovering their "best self" through emotional and physical healing.
Renew Wellness specializes in working with individuals who would like to improve their emotional and physical health through mental health therapy, health and wellness coaching, yoga, and other specialized wellness interventions.
What Makes Us Different
Renew Wellness recognizes how real change comes from connecting the mind, body, and spirit to improve an individuals' overall functioning. 
Renew Wellness was founded in August 2012 by Anna C. Schott, LISW-S and Cassie Starinsky, LISW-S, both of whom worked for many years in a traditional mental health treatment system and found that traditional therapy was not enough.  Using their knowledge, skills, and passions, Anna and Cassie embarked on a journey to find the most comprehensive and transformative methods of healing, through evidence based treatment methodologies, yoga and meditation, and other wellness interventions.  Renew Wellness represents this collaboration and recognizes that the most dynamic healing comes from connecting the mind, body, and spirit.
Renew Wellness has found like-minded independently contracted professionals who utilize a variety of modalities to implement a holistic combination of treatments, while working collaboratively, helping to guide you in becoming your best self. 
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